Welcome to BVD (Bovine Viral Diarrhea) CONSULT (Collaborative, Online, Novel, Science-based, User-friendly, Learning, Tool).  BVD CONSULT was created for the benefit of the beef cattle industry to enhance the control of BVD in beef cow-calf herds.  This project was funded in part by an educational grant from Zoetis and was produced by Brad White, DVM, MS (Kansas State University), Bob Larson, DVM, PhD (Kansas State University), David Smith,  DVM, PhD (Mississippi State Universtiy), Daniel Givens, DVM, PhD (Auburn University), Dale Grotelueschen, DVM, MS (Zoetis), Richard Randle, DVM, MS (University of Nebraska-Lincoln), and Sherri Merrill, DVM (Allen, Kansas). 

Develop a BVD Control Strategy for Your Herd. 

(updated 3/1/16) 

BVD CONSULT is designed to help beef cow-calf producers minimize the impact of BVD on their herd, or keep BVD out of their herd if it is not currently infected.  Please work closely with your veterinarian to develop the best BVD control strategy for your operation.

You will be asked several questions regarding management practices on your ranch.  Below each question, you will see this icon: info_lblu.gif. Click on this icon to see more information about the management practice and why it is important for control and eradication of BVD. 

If you are not currently performing each practice, but you are willing and able to start, then you should answer "Yes" to that question by clicking on the appropriate link.  If you change your mind after answering a question, click on the "Go Back" link and you will be taken back to the previous question.  You will have the option to save/print a report after you have answered all of the questions.  This report will include how you answered each question and the response that you were given.

To start with, do you have active BVD in your herd?

For a definition of active BVD and more information, click on the icon below.


Yes, I have active BVD in my herd.

I am unsure of the BVD status of my herd. OR I do not have active BVD in my herd.

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